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Electrician Electrician


Electrician Services – Hubs Utility & Building Services provides Electrification services to both, domestic and commercial sector. Whether you require a small repair or large construction, communication, or maintenance services, we offer stringent quality services for all you electrification issue.

LCD TV Repair & Service LCD TV Repair & Service

LCD TV Repair & Service

We know how stressful it can be when your product stops working, that’s why we are on hand to help, whether you visit us in store or call us at our Contact Centre. We repair a wide range of products, LED and LCD, Amplifier, Subwoofer, Projector, Blue Ray Players, I Pod , Bose.

LED TV Repair & Service LED TV Repair & Service

LED TV Repair & Service

With skilled professionals, we are able to offer LED Display Repairing Service in convenient way. Moreover to this, these presented repairing services are reliable and finished by experts very easily. Professionals quickly finish the repairing work.

TV Repair TV Repair

TV Repair

We are highly experienced faculty provides full practical and advanced training to students. LCD LED Smart TV repairing Course provided a basic understanding of LCD and LED TV technology and practical knowledge of assembling and disassembling of component, replacing components, tracing and fault repair techniques.

PLASMA TV Repair & Service PLASMA TV Repair & Service

PLASMA TV Repair & Service

Plasma TV Repair of all models and brands in Delhi NCR. With extremely qualified and trained technicians and with ever-growing records of technical service manuals we successfully repair your television. We come up to you; the technician repairs mostly all problems at your place but if we found any major problem we bring...

CRT TV Repair & Service CRT TV Repair & Service

CRT TV Repair & Service

CRT Color TV Repair service in Gurgaon and have fixed to millions of CRT Color TV of all major television brands. When you get a service with our technicians you can expect us to fix or repair your television in your residence or in our center. We always give our customers an estimate before we start television repair...


A Brief about Us

We have over 15 years of experience in TV repair industry and provide a high quality service. We offer repairs to all kinds of TVs such as TV, LED TV, LCD TV, PLASMA TV, PROJECTION TV, CRT TV's and Projections.

Your time is precious and we provide a same day service at lower cost.

We are committed to provide our customers 100% satisfaction & Guarantee.